Friday, September 3, 2010

Advance Japan Nail Art

Isn't these beautiful. I'm so impress with the way she paint her nails with design.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Leifsdottir - The Catalonian Affair

The theme for Leifsdottir was known as The Catalonian Affair which was simply exquisite. Most of the outfits are very feminine which goes perfectly well with these lovely and pretty sexy printed tights. So what... you love about tights? Woo! I’m the fan of vintage looking accessories and love these lacy tights. The beautifully silky flora tights were just a few pieces that made this a statement collection.

Ofcourse, the shoes at Leifsdottir were also super sexy, luxurious, and also reflected a different Catalonian style in each look. Tassles, swirls, and suede bows adorned each shoe that make you feel never have enough of it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm Sorry

My apologise my dear for not updating my blog. I'm extremely tied down with work and study. Anyway, I'll be back for more update soon. Thanks for your patient ya.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fall In Love

Have you fall in love with these collections?

From After Hours to Glossy Dynasty, Minimalism to Boy Oh Boy or perhaps Chic Dress. You may want to wear all these trendy and statement outfit and accessories for the new season.

I love something girly and feminine like Chi Chi Chic Dress and New Bourgeousie. How about you?

The Chi Chi Chic Dress

Global Nomads

After Hours

Glossy Dynasty


Boy Oh Boy

Punk Ranger

Left Bank

New Bourgeousie

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Love YSL Resort Collection 2010

I adore almost every piece of the collection from Yves Saint Laurent Resort Collection 2010. They really look fantastic!

Stefano Pilati mentioned that he was partly inspired by seashells but there wasn’t anything overtly beachy about his Resort lineup for Yves Saint Laurent. However, Stefano Pilati and his Resort Collection was full of modern interpretations of the classic YSL. The collection was focused on classic cocktail dresses, trendy trench coats, unique classy trousers and light and comfortable maxi dress as well as various tints of sheer legging.

Oops! The accessories like belts and jewellery are beautiful. It comes with diversity of colors and some are adorned with stones. There are also lots of sunglasses to protect your eyes as well as to mix and match your outfit. The collection of handbags and shoes are brilliant. I love the clutches, one of which is attached to the outfit and need no carrying! It added a special effect to the outfit. The sandals are so feminine and sophisticated. It’s such a perfect shoes line!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Add Sparkle To Your Nail

Bare is boring. Why not shade “ups” for an even more fashionable look? Take a break from cheering with a fun manicure and pedicure. Polish your nail is a fun and easy way to play with fashion and change your look at the drop of a glove. I enjoy and love doing it during my weekends beside blogging. I’m going to paint dark red to match my outfit for next week. How about you? Do you tend to wear more neutral colors or bright colors? I love changing shades every season. Yes! in the fall, dark color shades like brown are complimentary. Where as summer light colors or a french manicure compliment to tanned skin. So have you decide your color? Perhaps you may add some of your creative imaginations instead of just painting it plain this time to be the center of all attraction wherever you go.