Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pure in White

Feel summer with White. White implies purity, innocence and liberty. However, it is a little more complex wearing white than other colors. The color white doesn’t suit all people but it is a color many can wear without problems. White is a beautiful color but if you don’t match them well it will make your look plump. In fact, white looks amazing with those who have a tan or naturally dark skin.

Try white top with dark bottom like black. It looks contrast but it is a perfect coordination as it does not look too heavy at the bottom. You just need to slip in a pair of black shoes and you look perfectly great. Simply classic!

Shopping for a white dress is knowledge. Always check the transparency factor if you are shopping for white dress. Try to select quality fabric with heavier count cottons and lined inside to avoid the see-through problem. Never wear patterned or bright colorful underwear to draw attention to the wrong place. Wear skin color bras or/and underwear to ensure nothing peeps through. Avoid wearing white shoes to look overwhelming. Metallic colors like silver, bronze or gold sandals look perfect with white dress and grey, beige or brown make a great choice. Oh yes! never wear a white dress to a wedding as this will upstage the bride. It’s okay to wear a little white blouse or matching jewelry but not a fully white dress, please!

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