Friday, April 10, 2009

Dress with Eggs

Dare to make an overstatement fashion?

Perhaps, you may think these collection are exaggerate and not-to-the-place but they are artful. And I really appreciate the unusual bold design although these are certainly not an outfit for shopping. Let’s give Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Spanish Fashion Designer applaud for the bold fashion vision.

Unimagined that a simple dress can embellished with sunny-side eggs and another with whole eggs and corns as well as a sunny-side up egg clutch to make each piece an unique and outstanding design. Isn't that amazing?

Oops… Looking at eggs and it reminds me of Easter.

Happy Easter Day, Everyone!


  1. Hehe these are wicked. So unusual and as you say very bold. I really like the clutch and the idea of the last dress with the table cloth fabric and the egg on top. Really different and original!

  2. i love them too and they look great with the colorful leggings. especially purple with red. nice coordination.

  3. Do they have bread on their head??
    These collections are so funny and unusual!!
    I like them, especially the second one!!!

  4. oh yes parisa, this collections make me hungry :)