Friday, April 3, 2009

Rebecca Bloomwood Closet

In this new romantic comedy Confessions of a Shopaholic, Isla Fisher stars as Rebecca Bloomwood, a beautiful, irrepressible young woman who is a compulsive spender.

I’ve fall in love with this boots in Rebecca Bloomwood closet. If you’re also lusting after her funky Christian Louboutin boots. Here you are… You'll definitely grab attention with this beautiful colouful boots.

Or do you prefer the hot pink patent leather Divino Grande Satchel purse by Treesje? I love the dual zip pockets with ruffle details along the front and back that looks girlish. In fact, it match perfectly with the boots. What say you?


  1. I love the shoes, but I think the handbag would look better if it was matt rather than patent.

  2. Me and my wife actually loved the movie, shopaholic. Good blog here too!

  3. nice blog... happy to c u again...

  4. I really like your site! Clicking on google ads before I leave to show support! The Divino Grande Satchel must enter my life. :) I can't stop looking at it. Nice job!

  5. Thanks to all your kind words.
    Special thanks to your support Dirty Lawndry. Support you too. :)