Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's all about Tiers!

Tiers of feminine continue to be a hot trend for this season. Ruffles are a perfect selection for a feminine look. They make you feel light, comfortable, sexy, young and beautiful. Why not ruffle it up a bit for this summer!

Alluring summer dress that combines with pastels, floral and prettiness. It brings out the femininity of this charming Primrose Garden Dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Fun, flirty, and bold with this Taffet Tiered Dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs. The modern sweetheart tiered creates the gentle ruffles and effortless movement.

It's girly. It's style. It's lovely to wrap yourself up in ruffles! Are you ready for one?


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  2. Yay ruffles! I love it. I'm not normally a M by M Jacobs fan, but I'll take the first dress for summer!!!

  3. I love tiers too! Fabulous selections!


  4. That Marc Jacobs affair is gorgeous, Tiering is gorgeous especially with textured edges!

  5. Thanks P.Reetha. You're great! I've already voted for you.

  6. I love these : ) I live in dresses all summer...time to stock up!

  7. I'm all ready for summer clothings as I live in a summer country all year round.

  8. Soooo cute style!!!
    Do you usually wear these dresses??
    I've never seen someone wears these dresses in my daily life!

  9. I love ruffles and I've many of these... similar pieces but mostly blouses.