Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm in Love...

I'm in love with Christopher Kane collection. A young designer who won the New Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2007. I adore these dresses and love the idea of mixing pieces from his collection. Look at the details are fabulous! I really appreciate the creation of designers.

Do you like this cardigan? I’m in love with this dress at the first sight but not the cardigan. I change my mind after seeing the modern mix of signal orange and canary yellow tones over a neutral toned dress that really bring the look to life. Dare to be difference to wear this One Shoulder Scalloped Cocktail Dress with this Wild and Wonderful Animal Print Cardigan to bring you an updated look for your cocktail party.

Yes! this is amazing. I simply adore this undeniably leather wire dress will ensure a directional evening look. I love the way how it details. Incredible!

Slip in to shape up your body line with this Scalloped Silk Dress to blush out some molten glamour into your evening looking. Different sized scalloped detailing throughout coordinate perfect with blush and champagne tones.


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  2. I just did a post couple weeks ago on my blog with these dresses! Nice job!

  3. Love love love all of these... Just stunning. Love the orange with that dress :) Kellie x

  4. He is an amazing designer. Those dresses just move so gorgeously!


  5. Oh I'm in love too! Kane's scalloped dresses are so amazing!

    P.S. I am having a pop-up vintage Designer boutique on my blog today, so drop by if you're in the mood for some fabulous shopping!


  6. He'salways so original.. Those dresses are great! I also loved its Cruise 2009 colecction, but then I've seen it in Pitti Immagine and honestly, I prefer it in pictures =S the drawings in his dresses were more impressive in pictures, in stronger colours, I don't know why...
    Thanks for your comment! =)

  7. Amazing designs, I adore that pink scalloped dress at the end!

  8. Love Christopher Kane. These dresses are stunning and as you already said - it's all in the details. I agree that at first glance that cardigan seems mismatched, but the contrast does bring out the delicate features of the dress. Now if only I could afford one of them... sigh.

  9. great collection dresses are really awesome loved your.


  10. Gorgeous dresses! And I love the leopard cardi!

  11. this dresses are seriosly incredible...

  12. wow... my attention were drawn mostly to the second dress, the one with the black detailings! genius piece I must say :) thanks for sharing.