Thursday, April 30, 2009

Are you ready to mask yourself?

Are you fashion conscious or health conscious or both? You may look silly but a study finds surgical face masks are your best protection against cold and flu. Who would have ever thought of elevating surgical face masks to something of a ‘fashion statement’? Hopefully this is not a ‘must-have’ accessory this summer. As you are aware of the recent outbreak of swine flu virus that caused a sudden increase in demand for surgical face masks. However, it is important for today’s modern woman to resist infection without compromising on good looks and style to coordinate with their outfits as well as to make themselves feel sexy and pretty on the face whilst protecting themselves against the swine flu virus.

Are you ready to mask yourself? What design do you like best?


  1. nice stuffs, especially tat female with bare back

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  3. I love the yellow and black mask : )