Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Room of Ruffles

While shopping for ruffles and frills tops, I’m stunned and attracted by these beautiful pastel toned fashion bed linens. Huh! Bedding also have fashion? Besides a comfortable bed, girls always love to decorate their room with all the girlish things. So how about these lovely, beautiful, feminine, stylish, floral bed liners that make you feel like a princess? I’m just greedy and wish have them all for my bedroom so I can jump on to my bed happily with this beautiful floral bed linens after a tired and busy work day. Think nothing feels softer and luxurious than this beautiful array of pastel toned floral linens on bed. Do you wish to have them to decorate your bedroom?
Do you wish to hug this Heart Shaped Rose Garden Pillow while your partner is away? Isn’t it lovely?

Chesney Linens, sweeten her slumber with rose, gingham, ruffles and bows. Oops! Last but not least gold embroidery too. Comfort with style in your bedroom!

Molly Bed Linens as sweet as can be, these white and pink bed linens by Isabella Collection have scalloped edging, embroidered polka dots and layered ruffles that finished with frilly chiffon accessories, a beaded pillow and the softest rabbit fur throw. Skirted coverlets are lined.

This remind me of 'Mother’s Day'. It will be a thoughtful gift for mummy, she will definitely cherish forever. Idea gift for house warming or newly wed couple as well. What say you?


  1. So lovely!!!
    Maybe we can sleep well^^
    Did you decide to give that heart cushion as your mother's gift??
    I haven't decided my mother's gift yet...

  2. I wish I can...
    You're good at craft work, perhaps you can consider to make one heart cushion for your mom. :)

  3. I love that heart shaped pillow!!! Those ruffly ones are fabulous too. I can feel myself getting more and more into interior design as time goes on...could this be another obsession brewing???