Friday, March 27, 2009


The must see fashion movie Confessions of the Shopaholic. You can watch the movie with no sound and yet pleased by the fashion show as the apparels are so appealing and get the look with these stylish find. I just love the way she dress up so stylish, so chic, so feminine and… oh-so many more…

Oops! This dress look pretty lovely on Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) that wears for the girlfriend wedding as a bridesmaid.

She looks so sweet with this amazing waterfall frills purple dress with the black high waist belt. The colour is absolutely stunning.


  1. thank you for more informations!! These dresses are colorful and so beautiful! I can't wait for the movie comming to japan(>_<)
    Anyway thanks!!

  2. you're welcome parisa. i hope the movie will arrive in japan soon. so we can share all the beautiful apparels and laugher together. :)

  3. I didn't stop smiling all the way through this film at the cinema, it is soooo worth a watch if you love fashion and Isla is really cute and funny. I want every garment Becky Bloomwood owns...but particularly that gorgeous green scarf. Is it wrong that mannequins talk to me too?

  4. the way they show the mannequins is so funny. but this is exactly how shopaholics does all the time. mannequins persue you to buy.